Season Specials

Season Specials

Heal My Body & Mind

Heal My Body & Mind

Feel the Love: Pamper Me

Feel the Love - Pamper Me!

A Women's Journey

A Women's Journey

2 - Day Sedona Getaway

2 - Day Sedona Getaway

3 - Day Healing

3 - Day Healing

5 - Day Transformation

5 - Day Transformation

Renew My Spirit

Renew My Spirit

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Our journey packages manifest incredible shifts, unprecedented miracles and healing.

Awaken your feminine power!

When we flow with our feminine essence we are naturally present, sensual, grounded and radiant. We become magnetic and attract the healthy attention we desire personally and professionally. This experiential workshop will give you in-the-body practices to reconnect with your authentic feminine essence so that you can ENJOY a pleasurable, powerful, passionate and juicy life! For women only.

Access the most attractive force you have within you

~your feminine essence ~

  • Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want; personally and professionally.
  • Look and feel more confident and radiant when you walk into a room.
  • Feel safe and home receiving positive attention and expressing our sensuality.
  • Heal the unconscious split between your yoni and your heart space.
  • Access your innate feminine and "body wisdom"
  • Learn to live according to your inner voice and navigate though life's many challenges
  • Learn a simple yet profound meditative movement practice.
  • Experience greater ease, synchronicity and effortlessness.
  • Experience more passion and pleasure in your life.

Coming Home

Sedona Location TBA

Friday and Saturday 2/21 and 2/22


Cost $200

Call to RSVP (928) 300-4277



Follow the guidance of your own inner Goddess and let her ignite you.

Joy Gabriel is a licensed Art of Feminine presence Teacher. She is passionate about women expressing they authentic power and radiance, so that can really shine their gifts.  Joy specializes in Integrated Breathwork, aligning you with your essence and try design.  She is co-creator of Sedona Retreat Center, an offering of Sedona's mystical journeys and retreats.

For more information Contact Joy Gabriel at (928) 300-4277, or use our contact form.

Rachel Jayne Groover is the creator of The Art of Feminine Presence and author of the book Power and Feminine.


What others are saying…

  • Thanks you so much for all your help with putting the retreat together for me.  I feel like I have a renewed sense of calm, and am settling into my own power.  I guess I just needed some reminders to be who I am and that it’s ok.  I had spent the last 7  years being the wife I was supposed to be, the mother I was told I could not be and the daughter-in-law who could never be that. I had lost me.  I’m finding me again.  Jiti

  • Thank you so much Joy for providing a safe, open, loving, and caring space during the 'Art of Feminine Presence'. The environment you have created was very conducive for me to have 'Aha moments' regarding my  divine feminine power and presence. Also, the sisterhood that was built among the participants made it easy to communicate my feelings and sharing.  The exercises were fun and out of the box...  I really enjoyed the experience.  Thank you again.  Veronique

  • Wonderful,  ah the energy is flowing again.  Doorways open ... ahhh.  the healing can move now ... thank you   Jami Martin  Sedona

  • The experience from the staff was fabulous.  The touch is loving and attuned.  A deeply connected experience.  The combination of her massage and intuitive reading was special and spot on! Thank you  N. Amadora

  • My reading was Euphoric, Clarifying, truthful and validating.  Reuniting my past memories for growth.   S. Mahoff, Oregon

  • "My breathwork session left me speechless with gratitude. Not only did I feel more *safe* than I had ever felt in any one-on-one facilitator's presence, but the intuitive guidance and skill helped me move and shift levels of energy I'd never thought possible..."Susan Hanson, astrologer

  • As a Breathworker, Intuitive and Healer she offers an amazingly profound and encompassing talent. In our sessions, I was able to connect with the deepest parts of myself, to own and release ancient layers, to find a new level of freedom and empowerment. She is both a joy and an angel of the light. Barbra Law.

  • I was truly blessed in my session. It was a life changing experience.  It was the profound loving presence that enabled me to go so deep. I highly recommend this to anyone on a healing/consciousness path.    Patricia Kerschner

  • Thank you for such a wonderful session.  I typically have a hard time getting out of my "head" and into my "heart", and you did such a beautiful job helping me to feel at ease. Our session really helped me in glimpsing my past and empowered me to take control of my future.  Kyle Bergin, TX.

  • Every session leaves me feeling positively wonderful, rejuvenated, and confident that no matter where I am, I am exactly where I'm supposed to be; that I am fully supported by my angel "dream team" in removing obstacles and pursuing my dreams; and that I am the creator of my life! Joy has become my trusted guide and I am so grateful to have met her while traveling in Sedona.~Carolyn Aversano, Publisher

  • I have experienced readings and massages over the course of the last four years. She brings her full presence to the session with deep inner listening, authentic sharing, and a loving quality of touch. Her openness and trust of Spirit's wisdom (that comes through her) is calming, healing and encouraging. I always walk away feeling empowered, validated and -- in the case of her massages -- deeply relaxed.  Kristen Powell

  • That is the first time I have lost all sense of space and time.  It is such an amazing place to be in. Eirena, Australia  

  • "Having a breathwork session was a completely unique experience. It helped me be in my body in a way that I had never felt before, and helped me notice thoughts and energies that needed to move in me. I felt a deep sense of peace and joy afterward." Lisa Garza

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